Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grammar Basics: Unit 27 – I’m going to…

As mentioned in the previous Grammar Basics, “am / is / are + going to…” is often used to talk about the future:


I’m going to write a letter and complain about that lousy car we got.
Are you going to go to the store? Please pick up some bread and milk while you’re there.

When we use “am / is / are + going to…”, we are indicating our decision or intention to do a particular thing. I’ve already made up my mind to do it. (Contrast that with “will + V”, which is used when a decision is not made until the time of speaking.)


I’m going to go swimming after lunch.
Tom is going to look for a summer job.
What are you going to do when you run out of money?
When are you going to call Mona?

Additionally, “is going to…” can be used when you are sure that something is sure to happen.


The weatherman said it’s going to rain this afternoon.
Oh no – the car has no gas. We’re going to be late.

Exercises: Complete the sentences by choosing an appropriate verb, and using am / is / are + going to….


Don’t disturb Mother – she (take) a bath. ==> Don’t disturb Mother – she’s going to take a bath.


1. Jim is _______ a haircut this afternoon.

2. They are _______ us a free night at the hotel.

3. It _______ cold today, so be sure to dress warmly.

4. We _______ the fireworks at the park.

5. _______ you _______ to the concert on the radio?

6. Have you heard if it _______?

7. Please be quiet – I _______ to bed.

8. What _______ the teacher _______ about tomorrow?

9. When Kelly finishes college, she _______ an apartment and _______ out.

10. Are you crazy? Dad _______ furious when he finds out that you got in a car accident!

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