Saturday, January 09, 2010

Grammar Basics: Unit 29 – will, Part II. (Solution)

Exercise: In the following sentences, choose either “will” or “going to” to make an appropriate sentence.


I’m tired, so I think I (will / am going to) go to bed. ==>
I’m tired, so I think I will go to bed.

A: What are you doing tomorrow night?
B: We (will / are going to) go out for dinner and watch a movie. ==>
We are going to out for a dinner and watch a movie.

1. It snowed a lot overnight. I will shovel the driveway before I go to work.

A: I have a ton of work to do.
B: That’s all right. We will help you.

3. I’m confused. I think I will ask Sam to explain these instructions to me.

A: Have you done your homework yet?
B: No, I will do it later, I think.

5. I’m tired. I think I will skip exercising today.

A: Are you going to do anything this weekend?
B: No, I am going to stay home and get caught up on my reading.

7. Someone’s at the door. Will you answer it?

A: What are you doing after lunch?
B: I am going to go ice skating. Want to come?

9. Mother likes flowers, so I think we will get her a colorful bouquet for her birthday.

A: This room’s a mess.
B: Don’t worry – I will clean it up.

11. Do you know how expensive that wine is? If we buy that for the party, it will cost a fortune!

A: We’re having a potluck this Saturday.
B: Okay. I will bring a salad.

13. I’ve finished reading my library books. I think I will return then and get some more.

A: Why are you baking so many cookies?
B: I am going to gift wrap plates of cookie and give them away as presents.

15. We didn’t get a Christmas tree this year. We will get one next year, okay?

A: The car’s low on gas.
B: I will fill it up on my way to the store.

17. I’m hot. I think I will go swimming to cool off.

A: The plants need watering.
B: I will do it as soon as I’m done washing these dishes.

19. I will give you a call tomorrow, okay?

A: I have a taste for pretzels.
B: I will bake some.

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