Friday, January 04, 2008

Writing Assignment: In the City

Here is a picture of the downtown of some city. Use the vocabulary to help you identify some of the things in the picture, and answer the questions.

The City - Vocabulary

1. pharmacy, drugstore
2. store, place of business
3. clothing store
4. to work
5. aspirin
6. bus
7. bicycle
8. by bicycle
9. shopping area, downtown
10. bakery
11. is there, are there
12. bank
13. big, large
14. actor
15. to be
16. bigger than
17. sign
18. the biggest
19. library
20. to get, fetch
21. floor, story
22. mailbox
23. inside of
24. bookstore
25. department store
26. scene
27. theater
28. bus stop
29. movie theater
30. tower
31. flag
32. station wagon
33. to cross
34. color
35. crosswalk
36. to distinguish, differentiate
37. pedestrian
38. people
39. baked goods
40. medicine
41. traffic
42. opposite, across from
43. more
44. majority
45. traffic light

Answer the following questions. Try to write as complete an answer as you can.

1. Is this scene downtown, or in the country?

2. Is there a lot of traffic on the street?

3. How can you get around (go from one place to another) in the city?

4. Are the majority of the people in the picture riding in cars, or on bikes?

5. Is the station wagon in the picture bigger than the bus?

6. Who is standing under the traffic light?

7. What color are the lights in a traffic light?

8. How many pedestrians are crossing in the crosswalk?

9. Are the towers in the foreground or the background?

10. Where is the mailbox?

11. Which building has two flags hanging from it?

12. In front of which building is the bus stop?

13. Where can you buy baked goods?

14. Which store is between the bakery and the movie theater?

15. Which building is across from the bakery?

16. What is the difference between a bookstore and a library?

17. Which sign is the biggest?

18. Where do you buy aspirin and medicine?

19. Where do the actors work?

20. Where can you buy clothes?

Paragraph: A Visit to the City

Write a paragraph about a trip to the downtown of a big city that you are familiar with.

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