Friday, January 04, 2008

Grammar Basics: Unit 5 – Simple Present (Solution)

Exercises: Write sentences from the following words. Be sure to put the verb in the right form (sing, sings, etc.)

1. It always rains at night.

2. He works at a restaurant.

3. Tom studies after school.

4. We go on vacation every summer.

5. She practices the piano three hours every day.

6. They cut their grass on Saturdays.

7. Dad takes a shower every morning.

8. The schoolkids have their yearly picnic at the end of May.

9. John likes skiing.

10. He hates bowling.

11. They live in Hawaii.

12. Sam never listens to music when he reads a book.
(Or, Sam never reads a book when he listens to music.)

13. The moon rises later each day.

14. The piano needs tuning.

15. Apples taste good.

16. Mother bakes cookies for Christmas.

17. Cats have soft fur.

18. Babies sleep all the time.

19. This vacuum cleaner has good suction.

20. I usually read a book before I go to bed.

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