Saturday, December 08, 2007

Crossword - Irregular Verbs

Here is a crossword puzzle for you to work on. Find the past tense of the words in parentheses, and use them to fill in the puzzle.

(Solution next time.)


1. Yesterday I (fight) with my brother.
4. She (draw) a picture of a cat.
6. The teacher (sit) down behind the desk.
7. The phone (ring) while I was reading.
8. He (lend) me a hundred dollars.
10. I (speak) with the teacher.
12. My sister (break) my bike.
13. He (tear) the page from the book.
16. The boy (throw) the ball to his friend.
18. We (build) a sandcastle yesterday.
20. I (cut) my finger on this sharp knife.
21. She (run) home after school.
22. I (understand) yesterday's lesson.
24. We (meet) our friends last week.
25. He (hang) the picture in the living room.
27. Mother (drive) us to the swimming pool yesterday.
28. Ouch - I (bite) my tongue!
29. The sun (rise) yesterday at 5:45 a.m.
31. She (eat) an ice cream cone.
32. They (hit) the dog.
33. The wind (blow) so hard that my coat came off.
34. We (light) the candles on the birthday cake.
35. The child (take) the book from the shelf.
36. What (do) you eat for supper last night?


1. He (forget) his homework again.
2. She (tell) the teacher who cheated on the test.
3. We (win) last night's game.
5. I (be) hot from running.
6. The sun (shine) hot yesterday.
9. The teacher (teach) us about science.
11. He (fall) down the stairs.
12. I (bring) a cake to the party.
14. The show (begin) on time.
15. We (stand) up when the national anthem played.
17. I (hear) about it on the news yesterday.
18. He (become) angry when he lost the game.
19. I (think) I saw a ghost.
23. We (sleep) late yesterday.
26. He (grow) 2 inches last year.
27. She (drink) water because she was thirsty.
28. I (beat) him at chess.
30. The policeman (shoot) the robber.
32. We (hide) from the thief.

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