Sunday, February 06, 2011

Using / BE + -ing / to Express Future Events

You can use BE + -ing to talk about something in the future. Here is the sentence pattern:


The (TIME) component is optional. You can include the time to give more information, or to emphasize that you’re talking about the future.



We / are going / on vacation / next week.
We / are going / on vacation.

(“next week” is informative.)


John / is playing / tennis / Saturday.

(Here, “Saturday” is not only informative, but it emphasizes the future. Without “Saturday,” we might think John is playing tennis right now.)


I / am baking / a cake / tonight.

(Also emphasizes the future to avoid confusion with the present continuous.)

Use the following verbs and try writing some sentences talking about the future by using BE + -ing:

1. Speak
2. Bring
3. Drive
4. Do
5. Eat
6. Have
7. Call
8. Come
9. Take
10. Pitch

My sentences:

1. Professor Lee is speaking on statistics at 7:30 p.m. on Friday.
2. Tom and Jane are bringing potato salad to the picnic.
3. Jack is driving the school bus for tomorrow’s field trip.
4. I am doing laundry tomorrow night.
5. Are we eating bacon for breakfast tomorrow?
6. They are having waffles for lunch next weekend.
7. She is calling the doctor’s office first thing in the morning.
8. Mr. Smith is coming on the six o’clock train.
9. The class is taking pictures for the yearbook tomorrow.
10. Bob Feller is pitching for the Cleveland Indians next year.

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