Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Grammar Basics: Unit 32 – must (Solutions)


Complete the sentences. Use “must be” and one of the following verbs.


Your sister had a new baby? Congratulations! You must be (hungry, happy, tired)!
==> You must be happy!

  1. Jack worked all night. He must be tired.
  2. It must be windy. I see everyone is using an umbrella.
  3. Class is canceled today. Mrs. Smith must be sick.
  4. John just sits on the couch and sighs. He must be bored.
  5. Mary gets straight As every semester. She must be very smart.

Complete the sentences. Use “must” and one of the following verbs.


Everything in Susie’s room is pink. She must (hate, like, know) the color pink.
==> She must like the color pink.

  1. Miss Brown teaches two kindergarten classes every day. She must have the patience of Job.
  2. Tom studied for six hours last night. He must know all the material well enough for the test by now.
  3. The Jones have a large vegetable garden. They must eat plenty of fresh vegetables in the summer.
  4. Jane used to have long hair, but now it’s short. She must have gotten a haircut.
  5. Jack seems to know so much. He must read a lot.

Complete the sentences. Use “must” and one of the following verbs.


You are going to Disneyworld for your vacation? You must (take, give, bring) a lot of pictures.
==> You must take a lot of pictures.

  1. Hospital visiting hours are over. You must go home now.
  2. All passengers must have their passports ready when going through Customs.
  3. In most states, you must be 21 to drink alcohol.
  4. You must sign this form before submitting it to the office.
  5. You must do your homework if you want to pass the test.

Complete the sentences. Use “must” or “must not”.


Jack never goes out after work. He (must / must not) like socializing.
==> He must not like socializing.

  1. Matt rides a bike every day, even in the winter. He must not have a car.
  2. Jane has the flu. She must not feel very well.
  3. Tom works at the zoo. He must like animals.
  4. Grandpa needs a magnifying glass to read the paper. He must not see very well.
  5. Mary’s pie has won a blue ribbon at the county fair. She must be a good cook.

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