Friday, January 15, 2010

Grammar Basics: Unit 31 – can and could (Solutions)


Using the given clues, write sentences using “can.” If there is a question mark, make a question using “can.”


Tom / sing well ==> Tom can sing well.
She / speak Italian / not ==> She can’t speak Italian.
John / poker / ? ==> Can John play poker?

  1. Walter can drive a car.
  2. We can’t come to the party.
  3. I can ice skate.
  4. Can you swim?
  5. Bill can go to the picnic.
  6. Can we go on vacation this summer?
  7. They can’t buy a house.
  8. Can you shut the window?
  9. Sally can cook dinner.
  10. Tim can’t stay up late.

Determine whether to use “can” or “could” with the given verb in the following sentences.


I wasn’t busy, so I (come) to the party. ==> I wasn’t busy, so I could come to the party.
Dan is sick. He (go, not) to the football game. ==> Dan is sick. He can’t go to the football game.

  1. After eating a whole pizza, James was full. He couldn’t eat another bite of food.
  2. Louis is blind. He can’t read that book.
  3. Mark is in high school, so he can attend summer camp this year.
  4. We couldn’t go swimming at the outdoor pool because there was a thunderstorm.
  5. We have finished packing, so we can leave on our trip as soon as you’re ready.
  6. John didn’t finish his homework in time, so he couldn’t go skiing with us.
  7. On a clear day, you can see forever.
  8. We had an extra seat in the car, so we could give Mary a ride to the train station.
  9. If you’re tired, you can take a quick nap before dinner.
  10. The weather was nice, so we could go camping at the state park last weekend.

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