Sunday, December 30, 2007

Grammar Basics: Unit 3 – Present Continuous (Solution)

Exercises (Solution)

1. He is doing his homework.

2. The cat is acting crazy.

3. Mother is washing clothes in the basement.

4. Father is mowing the lawn.

5. I am taking a bath – shut the door!

6. Please wash your hands – we are having pork chops for dinner.

7. You are lying – you’ve never been to Antarctica!

8. It is snowing heavily now.

9. Tell Tom to turn down the volume – I am talking on the phone.

10. Do you see the bird that is sitting on the fence over there?

11. The twins are swimming in the pool since it’s so hot.

12. We are drinking iced tea to keep cool.

13. Please don’t disturb us – we are practicing for next week’s concert.

14. He is writing a letter to Santa Claus.

15. Thousands of people are dying in Africa from famine.

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