Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Crossword I

Here is a crossword puzzle with some Christmas vocabulary. Give it a try and have fun!


1. the name of Christ, the central figure of Christianity

8. the star that announced the birth of Jesus and guided the wise men to find Him

11. the wise men from the East who brought gifts for the baby Jesus

12. a yellow precious metal, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus

16. a bird like a large chicken, traditionally eaten at Christmas

17. a person who looks after sheep

18. a spiritual being acting as a messenger of God (usually shown as a human being with wings)

20. abbreviation or informal term for Christmas

21. a thing given to somebody as a gift

22. a gum used for perfume or incense, one of the gifts that the three wise men gave to Jesus

23. an object that adds beauty to something; a decoration


1. the husband of Mary (the mother of Jesus)

2. a bright point in the night sky which is a large, distant incandescent body like the sun

3. water vapor from the sky that falls as white flakes and covers the ground

4. a sledge or light cart on runners pulled by horses or reindeer over snow and ice

5. an evergreen plant with prickly dark green leaves and red berries

6. a gift or present given at Christmas

7. December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ

9. the mother of Jesus

10. a greetings card that people send to friends and family at Christmas

11. a trough for food for horses or cattle (used by Mary as a cradle or bed for Jesus)

13. the small town in the Middle East believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ

14. the coming (or second coming) of Jesus Christ; the month leading up to Christmas

15. a vertical pipe in a house that allows smoke and gases to escape from a fireplace (Father Christmas traditionally enters a house through its chimney)

19. a traditional Christmas drink made of alcohol with beaten eggs and milk

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